Dual-Channel scanning with operating modes from fast overview to ultra high resolution scan mode. Horizontal and vertical resolution, averaging time and laser power are adjustable though the user interface.
Red and Infrared Laser exhitation
The LPscan currently offers 2 built in lasers that can be switched by the flip of a hardware button.

SPL: Detection array with up to 5 high sensitivity photodiodes for maximal signal-to-noise ration recording currents down to pico ampere.

LPS: Detection sensitivity down to several nano volts using ultra high fidelity amplifiers.

Our Technologies for Semiconductor Analysis


LPscan edition with surface photoluminescence detection only. The luminescence signal from laser excitation with 833 nm wavelength reveals inhomogeneities and striations relevant for the minority carrier lifetime.


LPscan edition with lateral photovoltage detection. LPS Reveals the solid-liquid interfaces, grains, precipitates and inclusions. The deflection radius can be calculated from the 2D scan-data.

LPS upgrade

Extend your current LPS device with SPL capabilities, shorter scan time, higher resolution and laser modulation adjustable in the controller front end.

Lifetime map

Lifetime maps can be computed from either LPS or SPL signals. The image shows the lifetime map of a multi-crystalline silicon crystal calculated from the SPL signal using our unique data acquisition and processing technique.