LPCon GmbH

Advanced Signal Analysis & Tools

Laser source, micro optics and detectors, we compile the best suited hardware for your task

Signal Aquisition

Get your data of interest
computed in real-time
on the device

Signal Processing

With our powerfull visual computing knowledge and technology

Pattern Tracking

Access your instruments via desktop application or mobile app


Simultaneous recording of current and voltage

Dual laser micro optics without moving parts

USB controlling and data transfer  

Dual-Channel scanning with operating modes from fast overview to ultra high resolution scan mode. Horizontal and vertical resolution, averaging time and laser power are adjustable through the user interface.

Customized ultra sensitive instruments 

We incorporate your demands for amplifiers, photodiode array and laser types that suit your application. Our team is experienced in semiconductor physics and digital signal processing.

32 bit signal processor

pA current amplification 

nV voltage amplification 

Our partners in production

High quality componenst ensure ultra high fidelity measurements and micrometer precise positioning.